Cg Traces Week 3 2019

So this week was slightly slim on CG news. Let's take a look around. These Drupal SA 2019-001 and Drupal SA 2019 002 are not causing me anymore cold sweat. Oh and in more CG related news: a way cool realtime raytraced Quake.

Cg Traces Week 2 2019

This week I was rather busy with other things, such as IEEE VR reviewing. But here we go … Meta shutting down, and for once this is really bad collateral. I liked the Meta and its approach. Adaptive Spoon for parkinsons patients. Not really new but never the less interesting. nreal glasses looks really interesting and the reviews are somewhat mixed bag. But the form-factor is really getting there.

CG traces - week 51 2018

just two interesting links out of CG land … Infinite Zoom to Visualize relative size libcamera promising new camera API for Linux

CG traces - week 50 2018

Visual Studio Code for C++ Development Vega-Lite – A Grammar of Interactive Graphics 9 obscure Python libraries for data science Saliency in VR: How do People Explore Virtual Environments?