Augmented Reality

Virtuelle Welten als Herausforderung und Chance in Lehre und Forschung

How to use VR for teaching

Structural modeling using depth sensors

Techniques are presented for constructing a digital representation of a physical environment. In some embodiments, a method includes obtaining image data indicative of the physical environment; receiving gesture input data from a user corresponding …

Spatial Interaction in Augmented Reality

A method for spatial interaction in Augmented Reality (AR) includes displaying an AR scene that includes an image of a real-world scene, a virtual target object, and a virtual cursor. A position of the virtual cursor is provided according to a first …

Augmented Reality als Werkzeug zur Wissensvermittlung - Grundlagen, Entwurf und Anwendung

How to use VR for teaching

SSTT Augmented Reality Tracker revamped

After quite some time in heads down mode I want to share with you a first glimpse at where is SSTT is heading. Obviously, the target in the demo is a sheet of paper but the internal pipeline is completely spatial. SSTT sports its own vision core with a JIT backend and a high performance math module. Everything is bundled and plug-able. Even in this early stage the tracking system is being tested across a wide range of mobile devices including smart glasses.

SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Face tracking for additional modalities in spatial interaction

A user device receives an image stream from the user side of the user device and an image stream from a target side of the user device. The user device acquires a coordinate system for the user, acquires its own coordinate system, and relates the two …

Exploring real world points of interest: Design and evaluation of object-centric exploration techniques for augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) enables users to retrieve additional information about real world objects and locations. Exploring such location-based information in AR requires physical movement to different viewpoints, which may be tiring and even …

The utility of Magic Lens interfaces on handheld devices for touristic map navigation

This paper investigates the utility of the Magic Lens metaphor on small screen handheld devices for map navigation given state of the art computer vision tracking. We investi- gate both performance and user experience aspects. In contrast to previous …

Fast and Robust Markers ...

Some trial with a paper from Sattar et al. - with a current project I needed a faster and more robust marker system. Just a first draft with lots of room for improvement. Video