Cg Traces Week 3 2019

So this week was slightly slim on CG news. Let’s take a look around. These Drupal SA 2019-001 and Drupal SA 2019 002 are not causing me anymore cold sweat. Oh and in more CG related news: a way cool realtime raytraced Quake.

Cg Traces Week 2 2019

This week I was rather busy with other things, such as IEEE VR reviewing. But here we go … Meta shutting down, and for once this is really bad collateral.

CG traces - week 51 2018

just two interesting links out of CG land … Infinite Zoom to Visualize relative size libcamera promising new camera API for Linux

CG traces - week 50 2018

Visual Studio Code for C++ Development Vega-Lite – A Grammar of Interactive Graphics 9 obscure Python libraries for data science Saliency in VR: How do People Explore Virtual Environments?