UVRPN - Micro VRPN Wrapper for Unity

A simple VRPN wrapper for Unity

Monastry Memleben - Interactive Mixed Reality History

A tangible user interaction system for museum exhibits

SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Augmented Reality Tracking Library

PAD-based multimodal affective fusion

The study of multimodality is comparatively less developed for Affective interfaces than for their traditional counterparts. However, one condition for the successful development of Affective interface technologies is the development of frameworks …

The mixed reality book: a new multimedia reading experience

We are introducing a new type of digitally enhanced book which symbiotically merges different type of media in a seamless approach. By keeping the traditional book (and its affordance) and enhancing it visually and aurally, we provide a highly …

OSGART - A pragmatic approach to MR

We are presenting a software development framework called OSGART for Rapid Application Development (RAD) in the domain of Mixed Reality (MR). This toolkit is being developed as an extension to OpenSceneGraph [3]. It implements a hierarchical, …

Sketchand+ a Collaborative Augmented Reality Sketching Application

The sketch is the embodiment of the architectural discussion. It incorporates rapidness and fuzziness and as this it is an object of interpretation. The interesting thing there is the question, if the usage of VR/AR already in the early phases of a …

VRAM/G gesture enabled VRAM

VRAM wurde 1998 durch Dr. Holger Regenbrecht als Applikation zum Testen und Modellieren von VRML-Welten ins Leben gerufen. Als Eckpunkte für die Entwicklung wurden Portabilität und leichte Bedienbarkeit auch durch Nicht-Informatiker gesetzt. Die …


A mobile and adaptable version of the IllusionHole