PresentAR - Augmented Reality Advertisement Platform

Augmented Reality Advertisement

Rovio Augmented Reality

AR on a mobile robot platform

The mixed reality book: a new multimedia reading experience

We are introducing a new type of digitally enhanced book which symbiotically merges different type of media in a seamless approach. By keeping the traditional book (and its affordance) and enhancing it visually and aurally, we provide a highly …

osgVerse - Distributed Virtual Environments

A distributed VR framework

OSGART - A pragmatic approach to MR

We are presenting a software development framework called OSGART for Rapid Application Development (RAD) in the domain of Mixed Reality (MR). This toolkit is being developed as an extension to OpenSceneGraph [3]. It implements a hierarchical, …

BenchWorks - Augmented Reality Aided Collaborative Design

AR Collaborative Design for Architects

Tangible Interfaces in Design Computing

Sensorial richness is essential in the design process, yet digital design tools do not respond to this need. Tangible interfaces offer an opportunity for interaction with design computing systems to explore means of supporting a wider range of …

PART 3D Engine and Editor

crossplatform 3D engine and editor

TAP textendash The Architectural Playground: A C++ Framework for Scalable Distributed Collaborative Architectural Virtual Environments

Architecture is built information [1].Architects have the task of restructuring and translating information into buildable designs.The beginning of the design process, where the briefing is transformed into an idea, is a crucial phase in the design …

sketchand+ - Augmented Reality Sketching for Architectural Design

3D sketching in Augmented Reality