SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Augmented Reality Tracking Library

osgART - Augmented Reality Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

Augmented Reality Software Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

PTAM - Parallel Tracking and Mapping on the Nokia N900

SLAM on a low spec mobile device

Tangible Interfaces for Ambient Augmented Reality Applications

Ambient intelligence has the goal of embedding context-sensitive technology into the usertextquoterights surroundings. In many ways augmented reality (AR) is complimentary to this in that AR interfaces seamlessly enhance the real environment with a …

New perspectives on form: real-time, virtual modeling in networked 3D environments

This project investigates new approaches to developing complex 3D form through an iterative loop of experiments mediating between physical objects and digital space. It explores the concept of slippage occurring at the boundaries of converging …

PAD-based multimodal affective fusion

The study of multimodality is comparatively less developed for Affective interfaces than for their traditional counterparts. However, one condition for the successful development of Affective interface technologies is the development of frameworks …

"Chinese Whispers": mediating oscillations between physical form and digital space

In this paper we investigate the use of next generation remote collaboration tools for supporting design education. Chinese Whispers refers to the concept of mediating between remote studios with new forms of hybrid designing and real time online …

ComposAR - Desktop Augmented Reality Authoring

A desktop Augmented Reality Authoring Tool

Fusior - Multitouch Interaction Framework

Multitouch Interaction Software Framework

osgSWIG - SWIG based bindings for OpenSceneGraph

simple language bindings for OpenSceneGraph