osgART - Augmented Reality Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

Augmented Reality Software Toolkit for OpenSceneGraph

PTAM - Parallel Tracking and Mapping on the Nokia N900

SLAM on a low spec mobile device

ComposAR - Desktop Augmented Reality Authoring

A desktop Augmented Reality Authoring Tool

Fusior - Multitouch Interaction Framework

Multitouch Interaction Software Framework

osgSWIG - SWIG based bindings for OpenSceneGraph

simple language bindings for OpenSceneGraph

PresentAR - Augmented Reality Advertisement Platform

Augmented Reality Advertisement

Rovio Augmented Reality

AR on a mobile robot platform

osgVerse - Distributed Virtual Environments

A distributed VR framework

BenchWorks - Augmented Reality Aided Collaborative Design

AR Collaborative Design for Architects

PART 3D Engine and Editor

crossplatform 3D engine and editor