Structural modeling using depth sensors

TitleStructural modeling using depth sensors
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSchmalstieg, Dieter, Gerhard Reitmayr, Thanh Quoc Nguyen, Raphael Grasset, Tobias Langlotz, and Hartmut Seichter
Published SourceUSPTO
Application NumberUS 20150070387 A1
Date Published03/2015
AssigneeQualcomm Inc, San Diego
CountryUnited States of America

Techniques are presented for constructing a digital representation of a physical environment. In some embodiments, a method includes obtaining image data indicative of the physical environment; receiving gesture input data from a user corresponding to at least one location in the physical environment, based on the obtained image data; detecting at least one discontinuity in the physical environment near the at least one location corresponding to the received gesture input data; and generating a digital surface corresponding to a surface in the physical environment, based on the received gesture input data and the at least one discontinuity.