Sketchand+ a Collaborative Augmented Reality Sketching Application


The sketch is the embodiment of the architectural discussion. It incorporates rapidness and fuzziness and as this it is an object of interpretation. The interesting thing there is the question, if the usage of VR/AR already in the early phases of a design can have an impact for the quality of a design-process. Examples like VRAM (Regenbrecht et al., 2000) or TAP (Seichter et al., 2000) showed that there is a huge potential for research. The sketch as one of the parts of an early design is tightly coupled with cognitive aspects and communication. Pictured by a sketch is just a snapshot of what have to be discussed in the ensuing design procedure. The intention behind this work is an exploration about a medium which is not yet adapted to the digital world (Myers et al., 2000) and it can be easily be described with the words of Harald Innis: Mankind constantly being caught in his own traps: language and systems, developed and most difficult to break down. (Innis, 1951)

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia