Augmented Reality Aided Design


Ten years after Nielsen wrote about the textquotedblleftnext generation interfacetextquotedblright [1] we are still largely confined to WIMP [2] interfaces in design computing. A big question that lies ahead is textquoteleftDoes the integration of computing technology through Augmented Reality help the formal design investigation process?textquoteright There are several suggestions that the conventional desktop metaphors are counter-intuitive for understanding spatial relationships [1, 3, 4]. Main concern is the mismatch in mapping of presentation and interface. Looking at other research areas, one can see that the application of Augmented Environments (AE) can enhance the speed of decision making [5] or creates better understanding of complex spatial arrangements [6] due to the fact that information is displayed where it occurs. Obviously, the representation and interaction is crucial for perceptive performance in design sketching as it is in AEs.This article will discuss a software prototype called sketchand+ and the implications of Augmented Reality for digital design.

International Journal of Architectural Computing