SSTT Simple Cube for Android

SSTT Simple Cube is a demonstrator application to test the feasibility of vision based Augmented Reality on a larger set of devices. The app itself is not doing anything exciting except that it was the first fast vision based AR demo on the Android Market.

Supported Devices

Any ARM based device with Android 2.2 and higher and with a camera.


Either visit SSTT Simple Cube on Android Market and download into your Google Account or scan the QR code here on the right.


Run the app and point the phone towards the Marker. Please note that you need to print out this marker or have it fully visible on your desktop computer.


Lessons Learned

Some experiences with having an application like this on the market. With about 4000 installations there were only two errors due in case one another applications not closing the camera properly and in the second case, a camera driver not working.