SSTT Mobile - Augmented Reality for Embedded and Mobile Devices

SSTT mobile is a subset of SSTT core optimized for mobile devices. It currently supports only marker tracking, skin and face recognition. SSTT mobile can be used and deployed on a number of devices as listed below. SSTT mobile was originally developed for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 ported to Android, Maemo, iOS and Symbian. Only the iOS, Maemo and especially the Android port are being continued.


SSTT running on an N900

SSTT running on Windows Mobile 5

Supported Platforms

SSTT mobile is continually tested on a number devices. However, due to the fractured market of mobile phones it is impossible to cover them all. This is a list of know-to-work devices:

  • Android 2.1 and up - complete
    • working on all Android devices with camera
  • Maemo 5 - complete
    • working on Beagle Board and N900
  • iOS 4.x - complete - video capture using now AVFoundation
    • tested on iPhone 4
  • Windows Mobile 5,6.x - complete (discontinued)
    • tested on Samsung Omnia, BlackJack III, Motorola Q, HP 614
    • no Windows Phone 7 port planned due to lack of native development support.
  • iPhone OS 3.x - incomplete - video capture not yet AppStore compatible, therefore this port has been postponed until direct API access to the camera image is possible
  • Symbian S60 - incomplete - most of the library compiles but the specific requirements for S60 and the diversity of revisions make it hard to commit to this platform.