SSTT Bounce - An Augmented Reality Browser

SSTT Bounce Augmented Reality Browser

SSTT Bounce is a simple AR Browser, literally. It uses a WebKit based browser and adds fast AR NFT tracking to it. Rendering is done by using three.js. Beside that, Bounce can be also used as an authoring environment, it automatically detects changes in the file structure and reloads files accordingly. This allows for some nifty "in-place" editing.

Beware, its not optimized to say the least, nor otherwise safe to use. It will eat little kittens for breakfast. If you are still not scared, give it a go.

Please note, that if you experience problems with SSTT Bounce 0.2.5 on Windows, such as red and blue channels swapped, it is necessary to completely uninstall the older versions first!


  • minimum Mac OS X 10.7 - you need to disable Gatekeeper as the application is not signed.
  • only Windows 7 upwards is supported - your graphics hardware needs to support OpenGL 2.1 with properly installed drivers.

Known Issues

  • Mac OS X Windows version crashes after first run


  • Windows version 0.2.5 should fix the wrong color conversion on some systems (BGR vs RGB) - this was an upstream Bug in Qt 5.x, and hopefully resolved in 5.2.1


  • 0.2.5 will fix above problems
  • 0.3.x will add back marker and line tracking known from SSTT Visualizer