PTAM - Parallel Tracking and Mapping on the Nokia N900

MiniPTAM running on the N900

This was a consulting project for a company in the AR industry. The goal was to demonstrate the capabilities of SLAM based tracking even on rather low powered hardware. For this purpose a port of MiniPTAM targeting the N900 was created. The goal was to demonstrate if PTAM runs sufficiently fast on the N900 and optimized to the point of running at similar frame rates as on the iPhone. Additionally some effort was put into the project to paralellize the tracking to free up more time per frame for more advanced rendering and other interface enhancements.

Multitouch Interaction Framework - Fusior

Fusior running on a NextWindow screen

Fusior is a software framework for development and distribution of multi-touch enabled applications on a wide variety of systems. Goal of the development was to create a unified multi-touch API and to overcome the existing restrictions of operating systems in regards to multiple cursors. The system used a cascading system starting with capturing touch data from a device such as a NextWindow frame, process it in order to label touches and finally output an provide debugging facilities.

PresentAR - Augmented Reality Advertisement Platform

PresentAR was developed to shorten the development cycle for AR based advertising. At that time desktop based novelty AR became quite popular and the HIT Lab NZ company, now Motim Technologies needed a quick way to satisfy their customers needs for presenting content such as animated characters, video and the like on tracking targets. Additionally, it was required that the application will have to run on Windows and Mac OS X. Based on that I developed PresentAR which is a conglomerate of OpenSceneGraph, osgART and wxWidgets hold together by a number of auxiliary libraries.

Rovio Augmented Reality

Fish are great prototype Dinorsaurs

Rovio Augmented Reality was a project in close collaboration with wowwee. In the early stages of the development of the Rovio platform the good guys at wowwee approached the HIT Lab NZ to build Augmented Reality games. This project went from the drafting phase of Rovio to the very final version of the robot. However, it is still not clear how to build compelling AR games with AR mediated telepresence as other projects later have shown.

Augmented Reality Sketching for Architectural Design - sketchand+

sketchand+ is the outcome of my final Diplom project as an Architect with Specialization in CAAD at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. My vision was to integrate an emerging technology with the existing workflow in order to support the early stages of design, in particular sketching. Following through with this vision I developed a collaborative augmented reality application for sketching and formal investigation.



The IllusionHoleStation is an interactive, stereoscopic display system, providing multiple users a perspective correct visualization experience. Multiuser interaction was a main priority for this prototype. The IllusionHoleStation is based on the idea of the Illusion Hole developed at Human Interface Lab at the Osaka University. Based on this the team around Prof. Dr. Bernd Fröhlich developed this idea further and the IllusionHoleStation was created.