Fusior - Multitouch Interaction Framework

Fusior is a software framework for development and distribution of multi-touch enabled applications on a wide variety of systems. Goal of the development was to create a unified multi-touch API and to overcome the existing restrictions of operating systems in regards to multiple cursors. The system used a cascading system starting with capturing touch data from a device such as a NextWindow frame, process it in order to label touches and finally output an provide debugging facilities.


This technology was developed as part of a research and consulting project for StoryInc. It provides an easy to use API to utilize multi-touch across multiple machines and across a variety of target application systems. Sample applications demonstrate the integration with Ogre3D and Adobe Flash.


  • Selected New Zealand Embassies around the world were running promotional material about New Zealand on this system
  • At the 32nd Americas Cup in Valencia Team New Zealand was running advertisements on the system


  • wxWidgets based authoring GUI for mult screen systems
  • runtime plug-in system
  • filtering with Lua scripts
  • communication to outside via UDP and OSC
Hartmut Seichter
Hartmut Seichter
Professor of Computer Graphics

My research interests are Augmented and Virtual Reality in combination with Tangible User Interfaces.