Augmented Reality Aided Design

TitleAugmented Reality Aided Design
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSeichter, Hartmut
Academic DepartmentDepartment of Architecture
Number of Pages187
UniversityThe University of Hong Kong
CityHong Kong
Thesis TypePhD Thesis

For generations the working patterns of architects changed progressively towards more abstraction. Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides the prospectus to reintegrate craft and design enhanced with the advantages of simulated representation. Borders between information architecture and real design dissolve. Nevertheless, flexible and low disturbance interfaces for the handling of immersive cooperative design work are missing. The main question for this research was the relationship of the design interface and immediate communication between involved parties. Do properties of the tools define what an object affords for in the design embedded communication? If there are effects it would indicate that design interfaces have properties that either engage or discourage to discuss a problem. In order to investigate these issues a laboratory experiment was created, which built upon methodology adapted for the use in the design process. It combines qualitative and quantitative measures in order to explain phenomena observed in the experiment. It has been found that the overall perceived communication is not affected by the change in design creation interface. However, an in-depth analysis of the actual working pattern unveiled that the design interface has an impact on the frequency of communication exchanges. To date the impact of design interfaces for AR has not been assessed. This study provides an insight into the inner workings of the design process in regard to communication with design in a AR mediated setting.