Tiny leaks and their performance impact

Just by fixing an allocation error in SSTT I gained a four-fold speed increase. The memory lost was a few bytes but it was hitting the caching mechanism. The result: on a Atom based netbook it runs 10ms with a VGA (640x480) sized image.
This subsequently made enough room for proper framerates near the screen refresh rate on those low-powered devices

DirectShow and the Windows SDK saga

What is it that drives Microsoft to treat DirectShow developers like they do. Capturing from a webcam with high speed is only possible with DirectShow. In the documentation for the Media Foundation they explicitly state to use DirectShow. However, all current SDKs are somehow broken. Visual Studio 2003 has an internal copy of the Platform SDK which is halfway usable for DirectShow capture. However, in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 the internal SDK is missing important headers. This can become a completely unnecessary nuisance.

Optimizing Augmented Reality tracking

With sstt due to be released in the next few weeks some more optimizations have to be done. A major part has nothing really to do with the actual tracking: video capture. There are various methods and on Windows I am still relying on VfW which is the default method in OpenCV. Currently I am working on replacing this with a DirectShow capture which apparently doesn't rely on the usual qedit.h header rather than being pure COM. Keep fingers crossed ...

Drupal update planning - the not so grim reality

It looks quite bleak when it comes to keeping things updated with a modular system like Drupal. It seems there is not so much uptake of version 6.x, otherwise the list below would probably look different. It might be also a good time to consolidate the amount of plug ins I have been using. Here is a list of what is the status: