SSTT Visualizer 2.0.0 Beta - Collecting Bug Reports

So, a few hundred people already downloaded the new version and I need to dive deep in the code to iron out some of the most obvious bugs. Here the current known bugs shortlist:

  • flipping the image on OSX creates flicker
  • with some web cams on Windows the screen stays black
  • selecting a non-default camera doesn't work
  • touch input is flaky on OSX
  • force reloading on Windows crashes

If you encountered another bug, please let me know - either as a comment here or send me a mail hartmut (at) technotecture (dot) com

SSTT Visualizer 2.x - Sans PPC

Unfortunately, due to unresolvable issues with a new and very important feature I had to remove support for PPC. Thus, SSTT Visualizer 1.x will be first and the only Universal Binary build. I think this is more than reasonable with Snow Leopard shipping tomorrow and almost everybody has upgraded to an Intel Mac in one way or the other.

Update - and while I am at it, there is another feature that also makes it impossible to run SSTT Visualizer on OS X 10.4 aka Tiger. To sum up: 2.x will be Intel only and run on Leopard 10.5 and higher - no Tiger and no PPC.

Layar aka Liar

Ok, I might sound like a nitpicker - if you don't like research based argumentation and like the loud noise of the marketeer, please move on. My take: Layar has as much in common with AR as Wikitude and whatever LBS you can augment. And the Wikipedia article on Augmented Reality (no I am not linking it here because its just wrong) is written by a bunch of PR monkeys.

Lets look at the definition for Augmented Reality by Ron Atsuma one of the pioneers in this field and he provided this long standing three main characteristics:

  • combines real and virtual (tick)
  • is interactive in real-time (a thin tick)
  • is registered in three dimensions (no tick - fail)

Augmented Reality Hype - Where? It wasn't me!

From an article on the WSJ:

Marketing executives are trying to make sure AR isn't just a flash in the pan. "Just because you can make a logo spin doesn't mean you should make a logo spin," says Mike Sabatino, senior vice president and partner at Fleishman-Hillard, the Omnicom Group public-relations firm that created the Papa John's pitch.

Sure, we just waited for all you marketing experts to tell us AR researchers; let me rephrase it: "Just because you can make a car drive on a marker doesn't mean you should make a car driving on a marker".