Winter Augmented Reality Meeting - WARM'12

we have another Winter Augmented Reality Meeting in Graz at Graz University of Technology in 2012 - please check the WARM'12 website. I think it will be a terrific event. Hope to see you in Graz. If you have any question please contact me.

And a quick update. We are delighted to have Prof. Tom Drummond as our keynote speaker. Submission for workshop talks extended to 30 December!

CMake Toolchain Collection

as I am silently hacking away on osgART and some other software for iOS and Android I also took a bit of a d-tour to create some cleaner toolchain files for CMake. These toolchains try to be cleaner and avoid anoyances as using the Android build system for instance (yes you can do make -j 12 with these) or letting Xcode 4.2 do what it does. Please clone, contribute and report problems via GitHub

1st IEEE ISMAR 2011 Workshop on Augmented Reality Authoring Solutions

We kindly invite you to submit papers to our ISMAR 2011 workshop. The motivation of this workshop is to discuss future directions of content authoring in the field of Augmented Reality, as well as to discuss the current state of art on content creation and asset assembly. The workshop will comprise of a paper session where papers, late-breaking results and overviews over state-of-the-art in content authoring for AR are presented. In the afternoon, we will follow up with a discussion on different topics ranging from AR asset creation to content distribution and a closing session. Deadline for Submissions is extended to 19 September 2011

Welcome to the new website

Finally had time to swap over to the new webserver and a new installation of Drupal 7 with all bells and whistles. There are quite a lot of rough edges around. So, you might have to find your way around. If you were registered on technotecture before, please re-registered. You should have received an email about the procedure. I will manually manage the accounts from now on. Thanks for your patience!


In a quick and concentrated hack on saturday I got SSTT away from the old 1.1 or 2.1 OpenCV implementations it was using. Back in 2008 I wrote the initial SSTT in two weekends with basically all functionality from capturing to pose estimation. However, the internal OpenCV implementation with all the patches and modifications for special hardware (ARM NEON and the like) and all the optimizations became more or less unmaintainable.

Microsoft Phone 7 Mango and Augmented Reality

Seemingly, there is still no easy and Marketplace compatible way of using native code based libraries in Mango. Hence, I can't see any viable possibilities to get highly performing vision based AR and subsequently SSTT working on this platform. WebOS 3.x and Blackberry Playbook OS (aka. QNX) looking way more promising.

Site Updates

Well as it turns out I am too busy and can barely keep up with my inbox. On a related note, I moved a copy of this site over to a new system using Drupal 6.20 and just as it so happens Drupal 7 came along, so I took a big dive and migrated into Dupal 7. So, yes this site is going to be relaunched in Drupal 7 and I am really excited about it. There are countless new things that this release enables, well except for video ...