ARToolKit Maintenance Work

Most of us in the AR community were getting hooked on the idea of AR most likely through the open source version of ARToolKit distributed by Mark and Hirokazu. I started with some early version in 2001 to work on sketchand+, which became my thesis. Way over a decade later I am still contributing and trying to keep it alive. Recently, I needed to make it work on various platforms again and on the way was fixing a few things here and there:

Code on:

Quick Changelog:

  • only DSVL (Windows, in-source) and GStreamer (all other platforms) supported for video capture
  • no more gsub or gsub_lite - OpenGL has moved on dramatically - glue code is in ARglutils without dependency on OpenGL
  • ad-hoc generation of camera intrinsics (most cameras have negligible distortion)
  • only examples for GLFW and SDL

I would very much love to see people chip in and contribute. Let the pull requests roll in ...