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Finalising AR Marker Tracking

So it took approximately four weekends a bit of a brain jogging and I got some serious and stable marker tracking. The last big thing was actually to cut down processing. Thanks to some minor tweaks I squeezed out a 10fold increase.

Now the stats, measure with a 1280x1024 iSight on a 2.4GHz MacBook Pro:

  • Speed: 119156.4 pixel/ms
  • Normalized on 640x480 this are 2.56ms or a theoretical 390fps

The only bootleneck as of now is the video capture.

Results are available here

SSTT rev18

Revision 18

  • cut down processing - both fiducials detected and pose estimated in 10ms
  • texture weighting for disambiguation between similar texture patches
  • Kalman filtering for silencing the jitter produced by the corner detector
  • crappy Linux camera capture is running in blocking mode (thus 7.5fps)

Stupid Freetime Hacking

Here we go, finally, after two weekends and 12 revisions the SSTT (Simple Stupid Texture Tracker) is clocking in at <500 LOC, completely un-optimized code. Video feed was 640x480 with OpenCVs crappy image capture on Mac OS X. Rendering done in OpenSceneGraph. And we got a proper right-handed projection matrix.

wxWidgets and Mac OS X 10.5 vs 10.4

Apparently the issues explained in the wxWidgets Wiki entry about Mac OS are more complicated than I thought. Not only are there issues with the linkage which one can circumvent with using the MacOSForge version of wxWidgets. iconv is only the starter for trouble. Other problems arise from different Carbon frameworks on 10.4 and 10.5 which are dragged in by some of the dependencies.

New website up

A new website using Drupal. Yes, I abandoned my own system called temx. The needs for this website grew and grew over the last year and I had no time to update the temx code. So, it is time to move on. Consequently my plan is to release temx under an open source license as soon as possible.
Another change has been made already: the code for SimplyBibTeX has been moved to Google Code. More stuff to follow.