New website up

A new website using Drupal. Yes, I abandoned my own system called temx. The needs for this website grew and grew over the last year and I had no time to update the temx code. So, it is time to move on. Consequently my plan is to release temx under an open source license as soon as possible.
Another change has been made already: the code for SimplyBibTeX has been moved to Google Code. More stuff to follow.


I am a bit stunned that people shell out USD30 per site for a simple piece of stats software. I had some code floating around and just tossed it together. Well, it will be called Trigger and enable you to de-mint your website - for free, it is going to be GPL.

As you might notice this page is already tracked by Trigger. Very simple and very flexible. Have a look at the database (on this site I am using XML but you can use any database as well).