Hartmut's blog

New website up

A new website using Drupal. Yes, I abandoned my own system called temx. The needs for this website grew and grew over the last year and I had no time to update the temx code. So, it is time to move on. Consequently my plan is to release temx under an open source license as soon as possible.
Another change has been made already: the code for SimplyBibTeX has been moved to Google Code. More stuff to follow.

New Project

For a new project I am working on a editor based on Scintilla. This going to be another technotecture labs tool.

Lua SWIG binding

Finally, I can remove my old selfmade Lua bindings for TAP. This also yields a whole new possibility to port TAP to a slew of other programming languages.

Updated Markdown

My ISP did silently update PHP to version 5.1 (5.1.1 to be more specific). Apparently this breaks Markdown for PHP and therefore the page was shortly down. An update to temx is long overdue.