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Microsoft Phone 7 Mango and Augmented Reality

Seemingly, there is still no easy and Marketplace compatible way of using native code based libraries in Mango. Hence, I can't see any viable possibilities to get highly performing vision based AR and subsequently SSTT working on this platform. WebOS 3.x and Blackberry Playbook OS (aka. QNX) looking way more promising.

Site Updates

Well as it turns out I am too busy and can barely keep up with my inbox. On a related note, I moved a copy of this site over to a new system using Drupal 6.20 and just as it so happens Drupal 7 came along, so I took a big dive and migrated into Dupal 7. So, yes this site is going to be relaunched in Drupal 7 and I am really excited about it. There are countless new things that this release enables, well except for video ...

technotecture is changing

If you were having a login at this site chances are that you need to re-register. We had to change the login rules as there are new services coming to technotecture. Accounts are now only given on explicit approval. Stay tuned.

Winter Augmented Reality Meeting 2011

WARM 2011 - Winter Augmented Reality Meeting 2011. The fields of Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Ubiquitous Computing have the potential to be synergistic. However, the overlap and mutual contributions of each area has yet to be expressed and understood. The specialist, immersed in his or her own discipline, struggles to see the "big picture".

Bye Bye Windows Phone

Actually, I really liked to develop on Windows Mobile. I truly did. For quite a while it was a one of the best supported, in terms of development tools, mobile operating system available. The integration of the toolchain into Visual Studio 2008 was really well done - not flawless but certainly way ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided that it would be necessary to revoke trust to anybody writing C/C++ native code or even touch the video camera on Windows Phone 7.

Android: write once, debug on every handset thats out there

Well, "write once, debug everywhere" was the dismissive slogan by Java haters to argue against the virtues of a VM approach. Over the years things have evolved and got probably better. I am not a big Java developer but I know my way around and that is enough for getting quickly demos cobbled together. Now with Android getting more and more adopted and figuratively into the pockets of a lot of users we are back with the mess that is constituted by the abstraction between the developer and the hardware.